Info about gold plating

Dear Customers,

here is some information about the quality of our gold plated jewelry.

There are two quality characteristics to recognize the high quality of your jewelry:

a) Karat is a unit for measuring how pure gold is:

24 Karat is your purest form of gold, 99,9%.

14 Karat means 58,5% gold.

b) the thickness of the plating, measured with micron.The higher the number of micron, the thicker the layer of the gold plating.

You will find this information in all article descriptions where applicable.

In Germany, galvanized jewelry, 18 Karat and 24 Karat, is under strict environmental protection regulations. Rose gold plating is made by adding more copper in the alloy compostion of the gold.

The process we use for gold plating is of high quality. Base metal like 925 Sterling Silver will provide the most durability for long-lasting gold plated jewelry. In the event the plating tarnishes, we can offer re-plating. Please contact us for cost.